Breaking Film

For some reason I’ve been procrastinating about this week’s roll of film. I just wasn’t finding the motivation to develop it.  Yesterday Jake took a spin with Caffenol; today Beth and I were home alone with time to kill and an empty kitchen. A little home chemistry seemed in order. The ingredients are simple: cheap…

The scientific method

I’m not exactly happy with my results in the darkroom. My latest attempts at printing have been flat. I’m not having much luck boosting contrast to the levels I would like to see. I have been saying that I’m experimenting with my photography, but I haven’t been organized. I’ve been playing with multiple new cameras…

Do It Yourself

50 year old camera: $20 on eBay fully equipped darkroom: $100 on Craigslist Epson film scanner: $75, Craigslist again Spending time with my daughter, capturing images like these, and being able to say we did it all ourselves:  PRICELESS