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Week 16 – Requalification

Every spring I take one day in April to go to Seashore Trolley Museum and renew my driver’s license.  It’s a little boy’s dream.  I get to play with full-scale antique trains.  There is no such thing as a bad day behind the controls.

Of course I brought a camera.

The City of Manchester was the directors’ car of the Manchester, NH street railway. It could also be rented out for parties.
I did much of my initial training on the snow plows. They were converted from old Type III cars by the Boston Elevated Railway, and they are incredibly easy to operate.
Morrison Hill Station. This building originally stood on the Portland-Lewiston interurban line.
A rare portrait featuring yours truly. Thanks, Herb.
Northampton Station was transported from Boston to Kennebunkport via barge.
There’s just something about these old trackless trolleys.
Tower C and the Library Crossing.
The Loop.
Modern trackless trolleys still operate from Harvard Square in Cambridge.
Center-entrance car #1227 from Cleveland. I had a (very small) part in the restoration of this car.
There’s just something about a Walter.




Camera: Leica M3 with 50mm Summicron

Film: Fuji Velvia 100

Processed by Old School Photo Lab and scanned at home.

Week 21 – Recital

Skipping ahead to the present. . .

This week was Beth’s year-end band concert. She and her classmates did great.

I packed along my SX70 and my Instax Min 90. I figured there wasn’t much point in trying to get shots of her across the crowded auditorium, so I concentrated on portraits.

The SX70 was loaded with expired Impossible PX680 with an ND filter.  I didn’t expect much from the film, but I did get one decent portrait of Ericka and Beth.

The Instax did a more predictable job.

All dressed up
Beth & Jasmine

After the show we always go to the Agawam Diner for pie with friends. Jasmine’s brother Walter had never seen an instant photograph before and was mesmerized by the Instax.


Week 14 – . . .and then it doesn’t

Back in Week 11, Beth and I took advantage of the early spring sunshine to take a box camera to one of our picturesque local cemeteries.  I also took along my Nikon FG and some black and white film.

After trudging around in the snow enjoying the wrought iron and shadows, we stopped to haunt our favorite drive-in for the first ice cream of the spring.

Camera: Nikon FG

Lens: 28mm

Film: Eastman Double-X 5222

Developed in Ilfosol 3 for 6:00 at 70F.

Braces! – 012913

Beth got braces today, and she's very proud. Unfortunately she is afflicted with my smile and cannot show her teeth without looking sinister. 🙂


Both shots on Impossible PZ Silver Shade in my Spectra, with assistance from a wireless remote flash trigger.


Weekend – 011213



1/12/13 -First Time on Skis

Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP3000b

Shawnee Peak, Bridgton, ME. Beth loved it.


1/13/13 – Ai haz a bone!

Polaroid Impulse / Impossible PX680 Silver Shade Nigo green edition

Cricket has been restless & mouthy all day. She has taken every opportunity to forage for things to chew. The solution is a fresh new bone. (She didn't leave that spot for hours.)