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Week 34 – In camp

When we went on vacation this past August, I brought my Crown Graphic Pacemaker 4×5 along.  It’s a press camera, so it’s supposed to be portable, right?

Well, it is portable when compared to what Mathew Brady used.  If you don’t mind carrying a substantial backpack, it’s really not too bad.

I shot FP4, Ektar, and some x-ray film.  These are from the first batch of FP4, developed at home with a MOD54 kit.


In camp

long exposure with tripod at dusk

Loon Mountain scramble



Camera: Crown Graphic Pacemaker

Lens:  Graflex Optar 135mm

Film: Ilford FP4, developed at home, scanned on Epson v700

Week 24 – Two Steps Forward. . .

Thanks to Craigslist and IFTTT, I am now the proud owner of a JOBO CPA2 film processor.  I sat down to skim the manuals, then loaded my first roll of color film into it.

The results were disastrous.  In my haste, I had not checked the expiration date of my C-41 chemistry. Junk.

I loaded a roll of Fuji 400 into the Olympus XA and pocketed it for a trip to the zoo this Tuesday.  I’m very happy with the processing results, but I’ve discovered a light leak in the camera.  More experiments to come.

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Week 18a – More NYC

Lately I find myself attracted to early automatic SLRs. My Canon T70 was a 99 cent eBay find which uses Canon FD-mount lenses, and it arrived just before we left for NYC. If anything happened to it in the Big Apple, I would miss the 50mm/1.4 lens more than the camera body.

20150625_T70_HP5_NYC049We took it to the top of the Empire State Building near dusk.  We intended to wait for the sun to go down and the city to light up, but it was June 25. We got tired of waiting. I played with a few slow exposures, bracing the camera against the fence.



20150625_T70_HP5_NYC045I don’t do ‘selfies,’ but the mirrored windows were too good to pass up.



She doesn’t do selfies either.20150625_T70_HP5_NYC042

Looking north.20150625_T70_HP5_NYC027From a technical standpoint, this is my favorite image of the trip thus far.  It was taken on the fly as we disembarked from the Staten Island Ferry.

Camera: Canon T70

Lens: Canon 50mm/1.4

Film: Ilford HP5+

Developed in D76, 12:00 at 20C

Week 17 -Amtrak

I continue to shoot for my 52 Rolls project, but I have not found the time to develop much.  These are posted as Week 17 while I catch up.


Beth was excited about riding the Acela for the first time in her memory.


Then it broke, dumping us onto another train in Old Saybrook, CT.



Train #173 to the rescue!

Grand Central Terminal
Times Square

Camera: Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Week 16 – Requalification

Every spring I take one day in April to go to Seashore Trolley Museum and renew my driver’s license.  It’s a little boy’s dream.  I get to play with full-scale antique trains.  There is no such thing as a bad day behind the controls.

Of course I brought a camera.

The City of Manchester was the directors’ car of the Manchester, NH street railway. It could also be rented out for parties.
I did much of my initial training on the snow plows. They were converted from old Type III cars by the Boston Elevated Railway, and they are incredibly easy to operate.
Morrison Hill Station. This building originally stood on the Portland-Lewiston interurban line.
A rare portrait featuring yours truly. Thanks, Herb.
Northampton Station was transported from Boston to Kennebunkport via barge.
There’s just something about these old trackless trolleys.
Tower C and the Library Crossing.
The Loop.
Modern trackless trolleys still operate from Harvard Square in Cambridge.
Center-entrance car #1227 from Cleveland. I had a (very small) part in the restoration of this car.
There’s just something about a Walter.




Camera: Leica M3 with 50mm Summicron

Film: Fuji Velvia 100

Processed by Old School Photo Lab and scanned at home.