Project 365

also known as “Where’s the real blog?”

Project 365 is an internet meme.  The challenge is to shoot and share a photo each day, as sort of a pictographic diary.  By its very nature, it is taking over the blog in terms of quantity.  Rest assured my usual wit and wisdom, such as they are, will continue.

I completed the challenge in 2010 and had aborted attempts in 2011 and 2012.

2013’s version includes an additional challenge: I’m shooting only classic Polaroid cameras, using the modern films of The Impossible Project and the Fujifilm FP-series.  Yes, you can still get new film for these old cameras!

The current arsenal of cameras stands at:

  • (2) folding pack cameras [the original Polaroids]
  • (1) SX70 folder
  • (2) SX70 box cameras
  • (4) 600-series cameras
  • and a Spectra

This is of course subject to change.

I’m working on tagging the Project with both the category and tag ‘Project 365‘ so you can seek or avoid them as you wish.


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