#BIFscale17 #BelieveInFilm

I’ve been distracted lately and missed a few self-imposed deadlines.  During the month of February the #BelieveinFilm Twitter community ran a redscale theme.  I respooled a roll of Fuji 400 and shot it at 100 ASA in my Leica M3.

I forgot to remove the yellow filter, so the first half of the roll has a very extreme color shift.  I like them though.  Most were shot on a train trip to Boston.

BIFscale17Central Square

Burned out
BIFscale17Work train
BIFscale17Mosquito camp
BIFscale17Bridge repair
BIFscale17Sherman looks a bit rough after a salty winter.
BIFscale17Buried lead; this is my favorite.  Note the Nikon around her neck.

Developed at home with a Unicolor kit and JOBO processor.


In the middle of Story Land stands a small wayside chapel.  Modern renovations to the park have largely bypassed it, and I suspect many casual visitors never realize it exists.  Although I do not consider myself religious, I fondly remember the chapel from my childhood.  It was always a quiet serene place in the midst of all the bustle.

I was worried that something might have happened to it in the almost-decade since I had visited the park, and I was relieved to find it untouched last August.  Beth has almost outgrown Story Land; I took the opportunity to pause in the chapel to enjoy some nostalgia and say a quiet prayer of thanks for the life of Noah.  It just seemed the thing to do.

Eight months later, we are smarting from the sudden loss of Zebro.  I spent this evening doing chores and scanning negatives. I knew I had a roll of redscale for an upcoming project, and I had a mystery roll of color film waiting.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this:

Wayside Chapel

That is indeed my favorite little chapel, photographed the day I paused to remember Noah, reminding me to be thankful for the time we had and that life will go on.

I don’t know when I will have occasion to visit Story Land again.  It will probably be with grandchildren someday.  I hope whichever corporation happens to own it then understands how special their chapel is.


Flame points
Eyes of blue
That one crooked ear


A long life unknown
A new beginning


Too soon
Too soon
Too soon

Rest easy sweet boy. You had a loving home at the end.

17-365: 051


Please welcome the newest member of the family: Zebro.  Z is an elderly flame-point Siamese with renal failure and a cool backstory.

He’s lovable, sweet, and a great addition to our colony.

17-365: 049


Sammie looks adorable, but she’s in her “move and you will bleed” mode. It’s a Siamese thing.

17-365: 044


I worked two blizzards in less than a week. By Wednesday afternoon the news reporters had retreated inside Dunkin Donuts.

17-365: 043


I got the JOBO minilab running again. Negatives are scanning as I type this.