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Two steps forward. . .

The home owning saga continues. . .

image1These steps were damaged by a falling ice dam two winters ago.  They were patched pending a proper repair.  Today I vowed to make the repair.  Things went well, but the railings were more rotten than I had realized.


Tomorrow will be painting and new railings.  I also bought the parts to replace the rotten railings on the side steps; however after power washing them I discovered they need to be fully rebuilt.

I ended the day with a campfire, a beer, my dog, and a book in the back yard.  Not bad, even if I did add another project to my list.

23:36 (i366 2016.01.08)

  23 hours and 36 minutes without a call. I redesigned the blog, drank a lot of iced tea, and finished a good mystery. Then I got out late anyway.
My Friday shift is usually laid back, but this was a bit ridiculous. It happens once or twice a year. 


Wanderlust Cameras ‘Travelwide’ 4×5 with Schneider Angulon 90/6.8 lens, BLIK rangefinder, and bubble level. 

Now loaded with Tmax 100 film. I can’t wait to try it out. 


My Brother’s Keeper (i366 2016.01.05)

Sebastian is our alpha cat.  He keeps the colony organized and purring smoothly.  Chai Lai (the Siamese) is his deputy.

As Sebastian ages and slows, she visibly watches out for him.  It’s sweet to see.

Not the photo you’re looking for (i366 2016.01.07)

I finally received a lens for my Travelwide yesterday.

Today I was looking forward to trying it out.  I installed it and set the focus ring, then set off for the waterfront.  I had a pre-loaded film holder of T-max 100 in the car.

I HAD a preloaded film holder of T-max in the car. . .

. . .until I cleaned the car on Saturday.  Oops.

Here’s the shot I should have gotten on a sunny afternoon. 

Wrapping up

I've changed my mind on the 365 Project. I'm enjoying myself but feeling constrained by my instant cameras. There are so many more engineering and artistic marvels just sitting on my shelves begging to be used.

Details after the jump.


Test Shot

FP100c in Beth's 'new' Polaroid 420 with electronic flash.


Safety Gates

Impossible PX680 / Sun 660 Autofocus



Beth with her 420 and me with my 230, reciprocal shots on FP100c


Telephone Emergency

Impossible PX680 with ND filter / One Step BC Series box camera


I've decided to go in a new direction with my photography projects. March 1 marks the beginning of this year's #MarchofFilm challenge, and I will also be kicking off a new 52 Cameras project. I will be shooting a different camera each week for at least a year and sharing the results here.


In which I admit defeat

For most of my EMS career, I've worked three shifts a week or less. Three 16s, 24/16, two 24s. I have spent over a decade with more free days than working ones.

Until last November, that is.

I had been stuck on weekends and hating it. With Beth in school, I was very upset to be working 24 hours on one of the only two days she was home, so I did something rash.

I volunteered for a four-by-12 schedule on the transfer truck. Everyone told me I would hate it, but I rationalized it. I would sleep in my own bed every night, and I would have Sundays off. The transfer truck goes everywhere and does everything; fun!


Yeah, right.


It took less than two months to bring me to a point of frustration equal to almost five years at my old job. I had gained Sundays free at the expense of three afternoons and most evenings. The trade off was simply not worth it.

Fortunately I was able to trade back into a pair of 24s, with no weekend. I'm counting the hours (96 to go. . .)


Reunion (finale) and proof, 2012 edition

When last we left the saga of the Return of the Howe, we were sitting in a Walmart parking lot in Tilton, NH with only five functional tires. I haven’t felt like writing the rest of the story in detail, but here are the bullet points:


  • Emergency tire replacement x1.
  • Ran out of daylight
  • Limped into safe storage in NH.
  • Went back another day to finish trip.
  • Blew hydraulic brake booster.
  • Towed home & placed in garage.
  • Fixed booster at last minute before big parade debut.


Which brings us to Saturday morning. I didn’t want to let the big annual Lynnfield parade pass without my Howe. There are other parades in the area, but this is THE one for me. The brakes are working, the alternator is questionable, and everything else seemed OK.


I made it to the lineup without incident, arriving early enough to be at the front of the parade. I don’t care about being first, but I wanted a bit of buffer time in case things went wrong.


And here she is in action, 6th unit from the head of the parade:


I made it home safely with electrons to spare in the charging system, and I’m still smiling.