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New Horse

The 1970’s may have been dismal times for cars, music, and fashion, but the power equipment and motorcycles were pretty good.

This 1973 Wheel Horse 1-0120 8 joined the fleet this week.  It will do intermediate mowing duties at the farm.  It’s perfect for the jobs which are too big for Frankenmower but not large enough for the Kubota.  There’s something about all those spinning belts which the steampunk engineer in me finds satisfying.

I don’t need a D-180.  I don’t need a D-180. I don’t need a D-180. Or a 314-8, or a C-165.  Regret trading my 520-H years ago. . .


I feel it’s time for an update, but I don’t have anything focused to say.

NfMH seems to be back to normal.  A Jetpack update crashed it briefly last week.  You might have noticed most of the sidebar was gone.  (I had to deactivate it to get the main page running again.) Another update yesterday seems to have fixed the issue.

The bus is back in the shop.  It steadfastly refuses to idle.  It’s great on the open road but zero fun in traffic.  Hopefully it’s something simple.

Sebastian is still with us.  Our ‘new normal’ includes calcium binders at breakfast and subcutaneous fluids every evening, but he’s still happy.  He purrs as he sleeps on his pillow between us every night.

The chickens are in their new home.  The seem happy, but they’re chickens.  As long as no one is chasing them they’re happy.  Demolition of the old coop begins soon.

I spent the weekend at brush fires, which means I did not get much done around home.  We did find some time to bicycle and buy new sunglasses today.

There is the small matter of a new car in the fleet which I haven’t mentioned yet.  I’ll save it for later; have to have some reason to keep people coming back.

As I type, Sammie sits next to me on the porch watching the bird feeders.  It’s a good day.

1978. . .

It’s been a stressful couple of weeks.  I’m commuting halfway across the state 2 days a week for a fire academy course.  In between, we’ve had our big state ambulance inspection at work.  Sebastian’s health is declining, and we fear the end is near.  It would be easy to be frazzled or depressed.

The bus is back from the shop however.  It originally came to us with a mix CD made up of Santana, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis, and the Eagles.  We left it in the player for laughs.

The sun was out Monday afternoon, and the bus needed an inspection.  I took it for an errand run with the windows down and 1978 blaring from the speakers.  It’s impossible not to smile with this view and sixty-five air-cooled horses clattering away behind you.


The other medics have gone out on a call. If cancelled, they will stay out for coffee. I may not see them again until lunch. 

The BLS crews are all asleep. Some are recovering from a rough night shift while others rest up for the marathon ahead. 

I sit in the empty garage listening to the hum of the Coke machine, the drone of passing traffic, the whoosh of planes on approach to Big City International Airport. A cool breeze wafts through the open door. Dreading. . .

Dreading the conversation I must have later today. Dreading disappointing. Dreading change. 

Yet it’s time. 

Thank you Yellow & Orange Ambulance Company. I wouldn’t be here without you. I just don’t want to be here anymore. 

Still here haiku

lots of posts to write

but one looms large in my mind

just can’t write it yet

Two steps forward. . .

The home owning saga continues. . .

image1These steps were damaged by a falling ice dam two winters ago.  They were patched pending a proper repair.  Today I vowed to make the repair.  Things went well, but the railings were more rotten than I had realized.


Tomorrow will be painting and new railings.  I also bought the parts to replace the rotten railings on the side steps; however after power washing them I discovered they need to be fully rebuilt.

I ended the day with a campfire, a beer, my dog, and a book in the back yard.  Not bad, even if I did add another project to my list.

23:36 (i366 2016.01.08)

  23 hours and 36 minutes without a call. I redesigned the blog, drank a lot of iced tea, and finished a good mystery. Then I got out late anyway.
My Friday shift is usually laid back, but this was a bit ridiculous. It happens once or twice a year. 


Wanderlust Cameras ‘Travelwide’ 4×5 with Schneider Angulon 90/6.8 lens, BLIK rangefinder, and bubble level. 

Now loaded with Tmax 100 film. I can’t wait to try it out. 


My Brother’s Keeper (i366 2016.01.05)

Sebastian is our alpha cat.  He keeps the colony organized and purring smoothly.  Chai Lai (the Siamese) is his deputy.

As Sebastian ages and slows, she visibly watches out for him.  It’s sweet to see.