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2017-11-13 #NaBloPoMo

There are only a few places left in the world where railway motor cars perform their intended function.

Sunday the Cotton Valley crew spent the day repairing storm damage along the line. Cars shown are Jesse’s MT19 and my newest addition, a 1950’s M9.

2017-10-10 NaBloPoMo

This isn’t my video, but the first part of it was shot on our Crawford Notch trip this fall.  You can see my railcar parked at Crawford Depot at 1:09.  Enjoy!

2017-11-06 #NaBloPoMo

Monday.  The first of the week is upon us, Kiddo is back in school, and I have the day off.  Mondays are my time to Make Things Happen.

  • Trash out
  • Dentist, check.
  • Essex County Co-Op, check.
  • Unload car
  • Winterize RV, check.
  • Clean chicken coops, check.

Then as often happens in the life of a volunteer firefighter, my day went off the rails.  The coops did not get winterized.  The snow tires did not get mounted. The leaves did not get raked, blown or vacuumed.

I didn’t get into the darkroom, and I did not get to pen an eloquent blog post for the 6th day in a row.  I did find my Bluetooth keyboard, so at least I can type posts on my iPad now. (I am handicapped by my formal typing education.  Ever try to touch-type on a touchscreen?)

Tomorrow is another day.

2017-11-05 #NaBloPoMo

In my quest to avoid Twitter and with some time to fill in a waiting room, I discovered this from 12 years ago.

Iain and I met Anita for a hike up Old Jackson Road. On the trip up to the White Mountains we discovered this retired USAF Oshkosh P15 en route to its new home in a port on the west coast. The driver said he wanted to put it on a flatcar but it was prohibitively complicated until he was past NYC.

I don’t remember much about the hike, but the photos make me yearn for the mountains. Now I’m hoping I can schedule one last hike for 2017 next weekend. 

Brought to you courtesy of Apple’s “On This Day” function. 

2017-11-04 #NaBloPoMo

Almost a month ago I wrote:

. . .my hope is that when I feel the urge to tweet or Instagram I will draft a blog post instead.

I cannot say that it’s worked. Twitter has crept back onto my phone. I have now installed and uninstalled the app so often that my account was briefly locked. Twitter thought I was a bot.

Facebook makes you hate the people you know, while Twitter makes you love people you’ve never met.

And therein lies the problem for me. I’m largely over Facebook. I refuse to use the app. My account is mostly dormant, and I only log in rarely to make sure it has not been hijacked. 

On Twitter however, I have a few friends who I rarely get to see in person. They are good people with common interests, and I’d miss them if I closed my account. I could do a bitter job of meeting some of them in real life, but others are truly inaccessible to me. I won’t be flying to Seattle or the UAE for coffee any time soon. 

So, more posts here and limited Twitter time. It’s a goal. 


As I type this it’s 38F with a beautiful orange early morning sun. There is a large flock of birds at the farm preparing to migrate. Every few minutes they explode into the sky and circle with the sound of a thousand wind driven leaves crossing the lawn. Autumn seems to have finally arrived. 

2017-11-02 #NaBloPoMo

This has been the week that keeps on giving.  We had a major windstorm on Sunday night.  Hometown faired well, but neighboring Town Where I Work was shredded.  The power was finally restored at the firehouse yesterday noon.  Some parts of town were just getting electricity back today, and other neighboring towns are worse.

The storm means fire calls.  We get the usual wires and trees down, as you would expect.  Half of the fire alarms malfunction when the power fails, and the other half malfunction when it comes back.  People seem to get sick and injured for completely un-storm-related reasons, yet they do it at a higher rate than on regular days.  There was a major fire, and a minor almost-fire. We have been non-stop 24×7 since the storm began, or so it seems.

This is a long way of saying “no profound blog post tonight.”  Mrs. Mack505 and I have theater tickets and plan to spend some time together IRL.  See you tomorrow!

P.S. Sebastian would like you all to know that it’s dinner time.