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Wrapping up

I've changed my mind on the 365 Project. I'm enjoying myself but feeling constrained by my instant cameras. There are so many more engineering and artistic marvels just sitting on my shelves begging to be used.

Details after the jump.


Test Shot

FP100c in Beth's 'new' Polaroid 420 with electronic flash.


Safety Gates

Impossible PX680 / Sun 660 Autofocus



Beth with her 420 and me with my 230, reciprocal shots on FP100c


Telephone Emergency

Impossible PX680 with ND filter / One Step BC Series box camera


I've decided to go in a new direction with my photography projects. March 1 marks the beginning of this year's #MarchofFilm challenge, and I will also be kicking off a new 52 Cameras project. I will be shooting a different camera each week for at least a year and sharing the results here.



Skipping ahead a bit, this past Sunday was World Pinhole Day. I’m not sure exactly who declared it, but if the Internet says it then it must be true. I read about many pinhole designs and theories before settling on my approach.


I used a Nikon body cap, fitted with a pinhole made from a Diet Coke can. It will fit any of our Nikons, it only cost about $2, and it’s the best use I can think of for a can of Diet Coke.



This is proof of concept from 4/26. Taken with the D70 at 400ASA, 13 seconds.

4/27 – FM2 pinhole, expired Tri-X 400. Handheld long exposure.


4/29 – Another long handheld exposure. FM2/Tri-X
4/30 – The Farm. FM2/Tri-X

5/2 – Obs Deck. FM2 with Tri-X 400. All were home developed.


March of Film wrap-up

Week four, all rolled into one post.
Kodak Gold 200 in a Voigtlander Vito B

This was supposed to be a double exposure, but I wound the camera out of habit. Oops.
Shot on a Super Ricohflex TLR, another eBay find.

I am an engineer, after all.
Olympus 35RC with Kodak Gold

Shot with the Olympus at —

Beach Access
Beach Access #1, Salisbury

I snuck this one with the Voigtlander Bessamatic (Kodak Gold 400) while passing through the USCG Station Portsmouth Harbor on the way to shoot Fort Constitution.

And finally

The End
Holga 135BC, Kodak Gold 400

My madness for the month has ended, but I’ve recently installed a darkroom so this is not the last of my film photography.


March Film Madness – Week 3 wrap up

I had a nice visit this morning with the guys at Old School Photo Lab, and I picked up a few rolls from last week.  Here are the rest of Week 3’s themes:


Holga 120N medium format with wide angle lens




Holga 135BC with Ilford HP5+

30 minute time lapse


Holga 120N with wide angle lens


And jumping ahead to Week 4 gain:



USCG Station Portsmouth Harbor, Newcastle, NH

Voigtlander Bessamatic, Kodak Gold 200

My Flickr set has all of these and more.

March of Film – Week 3 partial


Holga 135BC

We’re lucky to have her, and it was a lucky shot.

Nikon FM2 with 20mm lens

All of our pets are rescues. Cricket is living a dog’s life now.


Nikon FM2/20mm

Self explanatory, methinks.

And a bonus from week 4:


From a test roll shot today in my newly-acquired Voigtlander Vito B.


The rest are still off at the lab. I’ve been shooting a lot, but it has been divided among 4 cameras.  I’m really looking forward to the first roll in the Yashicamat LM.

March of Film – week 1

Most of my pics are back from Old School Photo Lab.  As I was going over them, I realized two of my themes are still in the camera.  I guess we’ll get to see them next week.  Without further ado:

LEFT – Earl sits behind the barn, awaiting snow

Holga 135BC, unknown color film

OLD STUFF – The 1963 Ford/ALF fire engine.

An accidental double exposure with the Holga, but I like it.

HAPPY – I haz a toy!

Cricket with her squirrel.  Finishing up a mystery roll of Kodak Gold 800 in an Olympus Infinity Jr.

VERTICAL – Train station in the snow

TMax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm lens

MOVE – Flag in the wind.


SMILE – It’s snowing!

Tmax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm

FLAME, a modern interpretation.

Tmax 400/Nikon FM2/50mm


My TRAPPED shots and a few other flame attempts are still in the cameras.