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#CameraChallenge I

Recently one of my favorite corners of Twitter issued a #CameraChallenge.  The game this time was to spend £5 on a camera and share the results.  As we live within walking distance of one of New England’s best flea markets, Beth and I accepted the challenge.

We visited our flea market on a hot June Sunday morning with our $6.30 (£5 equivalent) in hand, and we were not disappointed.

Beth came away with a Kodak #2 Box Brownie, and I picked up a pair of Instamatics for $10.  I recently took delivery of a CamerHack FAKmatic adapter; this would give me a chance to try it out.

The next day we intended to load them with film and head for Mount Monadnock as part of our Seek the Peak training regime.  The Brownie was duly loaded with Tmax and I gave her a quick lesson on shooting it.  Then we came to the Instamatics. . .

The 314 (right, above) takes a pair of PX825 batteries.  I had assumed they were 625s, which I have in stock.  Nope.  It will have to wait for a the right battery or a bodged substitute.  The 400 (left) doesn’t use a battery.  The meter is Selenium and the winder is clockwork, and the FAKmatic doesn’t fit it.

With film loaded in the adapter and no time to spare, I loaded my Instamatic 500 instead.  It wouldn’t work for the challenge but would give me a chance to try out the cartridge.

I didn’t realize until too late that the Brownie has multiple apertures.  Most of Beth’s shots were either over- or underexposed.  I was able to correct them in scanning.  I couldn’t do anything for the light leaks, however.  She’s happy.  I am too; these huge 6×9 negatives have potential.

#BIFscale17 #BelieveInFilm

I’ve been distracted lately and missed a few self-imposed deadlines.  During the month of February the #BelieveinFilm Twitter community ran a redscale theme.  I respooled a roll of Fuji 400 and shot it at 100 ASA in my Leica M3.

I forgot to remove the yellow filter, so the first half of the roll has a very extreme color shift.  I like them though.  Most were shot on a train trip to Boston.

BIFscale17Central Square

Burned out
BIFscale17Work train
BIFscale17Mosquito camp
BIFscale17Bridge repair
BIFscale17Sherman looks a bit rough after a salty winter.
BIFscale17Buried lead; this is my favorite.  Note the Nikon around her neck.

Developed at home with a Unicolor kit and JOBO processor.