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“You can’t make this (stuff) up.” A fire instructor whom I admire once told me that. As I look back over my career in both EMS and the fire service, I see how right he was. Friends laugh at my stories, and my wife says I should write them down.

Like many people in EMS, I never intended to be an EMT or Paramedic. I have an Ivy League education and a degree in engineering. I had just gotten my EMT certification for my volunteer fire department when I got laid off from my real job. I figured I’d work the ambulance for a few months while I looked for another engineering job. I got hooked on EMS and here I am, almost ten years later, writing short anecdotes for the book I hope to write some day.

Stay tuned for anecdotes in no particular order. The names, locations, and other details have been changed to protect the innocent or guilty, as the case may be.

(Thanks to Tom Reynolds and AD, among others, for the inspiration to blog instead of keeping my notes locked up in my laptop.)

And finally some notes on perspective for any new readers. I’ve been in EMS for 10 years and the fire service for 20. I’ve served on a fire company in a rural town which is transitioning to a suburban bedroom community. I’ve worked for two private ambulance companies in the neighboring metropolitan area, serving as both an EMT and Paramedic, doing 911/emergency work and routine transfers. What this all means is that stories from my career and life will be told from varied perspectives as a firefighter/lieutenant/EMT/Paramedic riding the Engine/Ladder/Ambulance in a rural/suburban/metro area. Got it? Good. Enjoy.

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