Do It Yourself

  • 50 year old camera: $20 on eBay
  • fully equipped darkroom: $100 on Craigslist
  • Epson film scanner: $75, Craigslist again
  • Spending time with my daughter, capturing images like these, and being able to say we did it all ourselves:  PRICELESS



Old Town Hill by Mack505 on Flickr


Old Town Hill by Mack505 on Flickr

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  • Joseph Schmoe

    Ok Ok. I am now officially inspired.  I am going to find a battery for my Pentax K1000, get me a roll or two of black and white film and see what I can do. I think I’ll wait on the darkroom though.

    I don’t think digital, whether processed in BW or shot in BW, can produce the contrast, texture and shadowing that film does. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • mack505

    Your welcome, Capt. I know a good lab if you need one. I promise not to ask them about your secret identity. :-)

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