June 24-27


June 24 – As Mrs. Mack505 puts it, the furrmily.  Clockwise from the orange one:  Hal, Noah, Chai, Sebby, and Clara.DSC_6759.JPG

June 25 – the best looking thing at the New England Fire Chiefs’ Show was not for sale.  This is Freeport, ME’s 1939 ALF.IMG_0959.JPG

June 26 – happy dog.


June 27 – Electrotherapy at Seashore Trolley Museum.  This is x-SEPTA PCC #2709.

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  • mr618

    On the PCC… that looks like a pretty modern paint scheme for a relatively old vehicle (well, probably relatively new, as far as trolleys go, but you get the point). Was that the scheme used in Philly, or did the museum update it?

  • http://notesfrommosquitohill.com mack505

    The PCC was built in 1947. I don't remember when it was retired, but this is the SEPTA paint scheme it wore in it's final days in PA. We were also running a 1918 Stone & Webster Standard from Dallas and a 1926 car from Sydney on Sunday.

  • mr618

    Have you been to the Shore Line Trolley Museum in East Haven, CT? One of their cars is CT Transit 500, a (very) luxurious private/executive car. They also have some old NYC subway cars out running around. Nothing as fancy as Montreal 2, though (THAT is simply magnificent)

  • http://truckdriverblog.blogspot.com/ Aaron_The_Truck_Driver

    Beautiful truck! Its hard to imagine seeing that on a road going to a fire, back in the day. Sometimes i wish they had modern cameras back in the day. If i could time travel i would just skip back to that era for about a week.