Weirdness (P365 – May 4)

I met my new neighbor today when he accidentally ran over my mailbox.  Actually I met his handyman first, who was fixing it when I arrived home this morning.  The neighbor arrived to apologize later in the afternoon.  He seems like a nice guy, and these things happen.


Cricket and I spent the afternoon working on a new chicken enclosure.  The old one is open-topped and the hawks have found it.  The new one will be smaller but safe from airborne predators.  We had to stop work when a thunderstorm rolled in.  It eventually dropped a lightning bolt right in the middle of my front yard.

*Flash* *SNAP* *BANG!*  If you hear the snap, that’s too close.  I haven’t seen one like that in a few years.

And finally, Happy Star Wars Day.  May the 4th be with you!

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