Janice Foster is a wanted woman

And she isn’t here!!

Last fall Mrs Mack505 installed a new phone line to serve her home office.  Almost immediately we began receiving phone calls looking for Janice Foster.  At least twice a day, every day, some person or computer calls for her.  We’ve answered them all, and explained that she simply is not here.

It doesn’t matter.  The humans apologize and promise to fix the problem.  The computers simply say, “Leave your number and we’ll look into your issue.”  And the calls keep coming.

American Express is the worst.  Their computer calls twice a day and leaves a message for her.  When called back, there is no way to reach anyone other than another computer.

I won’t make any claims as to what the callers are seeking, as I don’t really know.  I just know that JANICE FOSTER IS NOT HERE!

Please make it stop. If it were a personal number, I’d change it.  Since it’s already printed on the letterhead and business cards, we are stuck with it.

This is a small town, and I know many people read my ramblings both here and through Facebook.  If you know a Janice Foster who used to have a phone number ending in -2276, please tell her to call Amex and whoever else is looking for her.

(Standard Disclaimers DON’T apply tonight.  I have no duty of confidentiality to Janice Foster or American Express.)

One comment

  1. The Grumpy Dispatcher

    Over two years after I got my new cell phone, I get calls for Monique (last name withheld).


    Boyfriends (I use the term loosely, there are too many…)


    Party invitations by text message.


    Requests for 'a gram' by voice and text message.


    Got two in just the past 24 hours.

    I feel your pain, bro.