Fifteen hours

Fifteen hours in, and we haven’t turned a wheel. I’m starting to go crazy. My New Year’s resolution is to stop being superstitious, so I’m no longer afraid to utter the word ‘quiet.’ I do however believe in mathematics, and probability says we’ve been sitting still too long. Something has to happen, and soon.

The television has been on all day, but we’re not paying any attention to it. At least the Winter Olympics provide a more interesting backdrop than the usual drivel. I’ve cleaned out my email inbox multiple times. I’ve caught up on all the blogs I follow. RP and Almost-a-Medic have been playing video games for an eternity. I’m half way through a book on my iPhone Kindle app, and I’ve had to charge the battery twice. I would write for the blog, but my Muse is nowhere to be found. Apparently she’s out partying with all my patients.

Finally the tones drop and we’re off, dispatched for a patient with a partial airway obstruction. Except it’s not. We take the patient with a sore throat to the emergency room, because that’s what we do. The patient’s mother admonishes him, “Dad could’ve driven you. What did you call them for?”

Back to quarters and an attempt at sleep, but the work is still out there waiting for us.

Twenty hours in. Chest pain! Chest pain for eight hours, with a prior cardiac history. Denial is a killer, but not tonight. Off to Local Suburban Hospital.

Another attempt at sleep.

Twenty-three and a half hours in. Dispatched for a seizure. We find a headache.

* sigh *

Some days the best job in the world, isn’t.

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