FP4 party #1

Minolta SRT201/135mm / Ilford FP4 in HC110b 9:00

Shot for December’s #fp4party on Twitter. I just got around to developing now. From a short roll of 12 there were at least 4 keepers, but my favorite shot was water spotted. We’ll see if a rewash saves them.

From the Archives:
Pioneer Valley RR


Today’s P365 is a slight cheat, as Mrs. Mack505 took the picture.  I haven’t downloaded my camera yet.

Today we took the speeder on an excursion on the Pioneer Valley RR.  The PVRR runs on the track of the Holyoke & Westfield, which was built by the city of Holyoke and has been in continuous operation since 1870.  The RR claims to be the oldest continually operating shortline in the US.  It’s a great run, ending in and around the mills in downtown Holyoke.

Update:  Here’s my own shot for the day.


2017-11-21 #NaBloPoMo

I’ve fallen down again on posting. I spent the last two evenings in the darkroom, clearing out a backlog of undeveloped film. This image is a first attempt developing with my SP-445.

Shot almost a year ago on Kodak Tmax 100 in my Travelwide 90 4x5in camera. Developed in HC-110 dilution B.

2017-11-13 #NaBloPoMo

There are only a few places left in the world where railway motor cars perform their intended function.

Sunday the Cotton Valley crew spent the day repairing storm damage along the line. Cars shown are Jesse’s MT19 and my newest addition, a 1950’s M9.

2017-11-12 #NaBloPoMo

I think Sammie missed me. She purred like crazy and didn’t leave until I had to get up. 

2017-10-10 NaBloPoMo

This isn’t my video, but the first part of it was shot on our Crawford Notch trip this fall.  You can see my railcar parked at Crawford Depot at 1:09.  Enjoy!

2017-11-06 #NaBloPoMo

Monday.  The first of the week is upon us, Kiddo is back in school, and I have the day off.  Mondays are my time to Make Things Happen.

  • Trash out
  • Dentist, check.
  • Essex County Co-Op, check.
  • Unload car
  • Winterize RV, check.
  • Clean chicken coops, check.

Then as often happens in the life of a volunteer firefighter, my day went off the rails.  The coops did not get winterized.  The snow tires did not get mounted. The leaves did not get raked, blown or vacuumed.

I didn’t get into the darkroom, and I did not get to pen an eloquent blog post for the 6th day in a row.  I did find my Bluetooth keyboard, so at least I can type posts on my iPad now. (I am handicapped by my formal typing education.  Ever try to touch-type on a touchscreen?)

Tomorrow is another day.

2017-11-05 #NaBloPoMo

In my quest to avoid Twitter and with some time to fill in a waiting room, I discovered this from 12 years ago.

Iain and I met Anita for a hike up Old Jackson Road. On the trip up to the White Mountains we discovered this retired USAF Oshkosh P15 en route to its new home in a port on the west coast. The driver said he wanted to put it on a flatcar but it was prohibitively complicated until he was past NYC.

I don’t remember much about the hike, but the photos make me yearn for the mountains. Now I’m hoping I can schedule one last hike for 2017 next weekend. 

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