Week 81 – SnapSights and #WTCD2014

The Internet has decreed the third Saturday in October to be World Toy Camera Day (#WTCD2014.) I have had this one in process for a few months, so this week seemed like a good time to finish the roll.

At first glance the SnapSights is not very interesting. It’s a plain blue rectangle with one shutter speed, one aperture, and a plastic 30mm lens. What makes it fun is this:

It has a diving bell! The finished product is waterproof to 25 feet. It has a flip-up sport finder on top. The knob on top both advances the film and triggers the shutter.

I picked it up 2 years ago on vacation. It cost $6 in the camp store and came with its first roll of film. I didn’t expect much, but it took amazingly good photos in and around the pool. For the current roll, I took it canoeing with Beth and kayaking on the Rowley River on two different occasions.

Ipswich River

Das Auto und Das Boot

There is something attractive about a house in the middle of the marsh. I’d miss modern conveniences like electricity and running water though.

Renewable energy

This week’s images were shot on expired Rite Aid film which was further abused by riding around in my hot car all summer and then developed in my kitchen with my Unicolor kit. Scanned on the Epson V700 and slightly color corrected in Corel AfterShot Pro.

October 14



I’ve lived within 3 miles of the ocean for my entire life, yet I’ve never owned anything bigger than a canoe. ┬áToday was fabulous, so I took my kayak for what will probably be the last run of the season.

3 miles downriver to the Plum Island Sound, 3 miles back.  My arms are killing me but it was worth it.

Click the thumbnail for a bigger panorama:


Motorcycle update

The gentleman who sold me the motorcycle told me two things: he had just rebuilt the carb so it should be OK, and he thought the lights needed a new rectifier to work.

Wrong and wrong.

It very quickly developed fuel problems. Diagnosis revealed silicone sealer on and in the float bowl. After disassembly and cleaning it runs well. A proper gasket is on order.

Occam’s Razor and common sense decreed that the first step to fixing the lights was a few new bulbs. They were burned out. All of them. It turns out that the Passport has no voltage regulator. The battery is intended to absorb spikes and overvoltage in the charging system. It will run without a battery but guess what happens? The bulbs burn out.

The legal hurdles were easy. MA doesn’t like my paperwork, but NH happily took my money. It will wear NH plates while it sits in the garage this winter.

Still to come are tires, speedometer cable, mirrors and body panels.

Week 80 – Minolta Autopak 400X


The cameras are back!

I’ve written a bit about 126 cameras before; for this session I chose the Minolta Autopak 400X.

Launched in 1972, the 400X’s claim to fame is its selenium light meter. It automatically selects between 1/45 and 1/90 shutter speeds based on available light. A mechanical system turns the viewfinder red if there is insufficient light.

I loaded an old Kodacolor VR cartridge and took it to Deerfield Fair last week. We shall see what returns from the lab.

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