Week 20 – Surprise!

While I was awaiting the return of my slides from the lab, I grabbed my Polaroid Spectra for a few quick shots.  It had a pack of Impossible B&W which I needed to finish. Imagine my surprise when these popped out.  I really shouldn’t let cameras sit around with film in them for so long.


Week 18a – More NYC

Lately I find myself attracted to early automatic SLRs. My Canon T70 was a 99 cent eBay find which uses Canon FD-mount lenses, and it arrived just before we left for NYC. If anything happened to it in the Big Apple, I would miss the 50mm/1.4 lens more than the camera body. We took it…

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Week 18 – NYC

For Roll #18 we return slightly closer to the present. Last week Beth and I traveled to New York City for a brief couple of days. The first rolls back are HP5 developed at home.  Grand Central Terminal during the evening rush hour.  There is a couple in the center of the frame dancing. Camera:…


Week 17 -Amtrak

I continue to shoot for my 52 Rolls project, but I have not found the time to develop much.  These are posted as Week 17 while I catch up. Beth was excited about riding the Acela for the first time in her memory. Then it broke, dumping us onto another train in Old Saybrook, CT.…


i would just like to say for the record that our recent NYC trip was great. Both posts so far have been gripes, but that is only because I haven’t developed the film yet.  In the interim, here’s Times Square after dark.    


Last November I made my first pilgrimage to the 9/11 Memorial at the World Trade Center site.  It was very early on a cool, wet morning and the mood was quiet and peaceful.  This week I had occasion to return. It was none of those things.   Kiddo has never seen NYC, and she asked…

Hey, it’s an adventure!

Simplify. The modern mantra. We have too much stuff, too many demands on our time. Our family has joined the cause, sending things to the thrift shop and pledging to be less busy. Mrs. Mack505 has a horse show this week. It’s in Syracuse.  School ended yesterday, I was scheduled for a 24 hour shift…